Keeping the Peace: How to Stop a Basset Hound From Barking

a basset hound barking

Introduction: The Joy and Challenge of Basset Hounds

Ah, the Basset Hound, a lovable breed with a distinctive bark. Those soulful eyes, long ears, and droopy jowls can melt the heart of any dog lover. But let’s face it, the charm may slightly wear off when they exercise their vocal cords, a bit too frequently. But don’t fret, learning how to stop a Basset Hound from barking isn’t as complex as it might seem. You just need to master the art of canine communication.

Understanding the Basset Hound’s Bark

First things first, why does your Basset Hound bark? It’s not simply because they’re stubborn or want to make your life a living cacophony. On the contrary, dogs, like us, have their own language, and barking is a vital part of it.

Deciphering the Basset Hound Language

To understand how to stop a Basset Hound from barking, you need to understand their language. Are they barking out of boredom, fear, attention-seeking, or is it just their reaction to specific stimuli like passers-by, other dogs, or an intriguing squirrel? Understanding the cause of your Basset Hound’s barking is the first step to addressing it.

Situational Barking: Their Natural Instincts

Remember, Basset Hounds were bred for hunting, and their barking or ‘baying’ was a valuable tool for tracking prey and communicating with their human hunting partners. So, when your Basset Hound sees a rabbit in the garden and starts barking, they’re just following their natural instincts.

How to Stop a Basset Hound from Barking: A Step by Step Guide

Now that we’ve established the why, let’s dive into the how – how to stop a Basset Hound from barking.

Canine Communication Basics

A crucial part of learning how to stop a Basset Hound from barking is mastering the basics of canine communication. Dogs don’t speak our language, but they’re very adept at understanding body language and tone of voice.

The Importance of Positive Reinforcement

When it comes to teaching dogs new behaviors, positive reinforcement is the key. Rewarding your Basset Hound for quiet behavior can go a long way in teaching them when it’s okay to bark and when it’s not.

Training Techniques for Quieting Your Basset Hound

Training your Basset Hound to stop barking doesn’t happen overnight. It requires patience, consistency, and a variety of training techniques. From the ‘quiet’ command to distraction tactics, let’s explore what methods work best for our barking Basset Hounds.

Addressing the Underlying Issues of Barking

If you’re still struggling to stop your Basset Hound from barking, it might be time to investigate some potential underlying issues.

Addressing Boredom and Inactivity

Boredom can often be a significant factor in excessive barking. Ensure your Basset Hound is getting enough physical exercise and mental stimulation to keep their mind occupied and discourage nuisance barking.

Dog Puzzle Toys, Squeaky Treat Dispensing Dog Enrichment Toy

The Dog Puzzle Toy is a fantastic enrichment device for Basset Hounds, a breed known for their exceptional sense of smell and love for mental stimulation. This toy incorporates three levels of play and an upgraded slow feeder feature, keeping your Basset Hound engaged for extended periods. The unique squeak button grabs your pet’s attention, and the varying levels of difficulty challenge their IQ and as a result, stimulate their brain.

Basset Hounds, with their innate investigative instincts, will thoroughly enjoy the puzzle game that requires them to use their olfactory sense and paw skills. The toy merges circular and linear orbit sliding games, encouraging your Basset Hound to slide the pieces correctly to retrieve the food reward concealed in the maze. This engagement promotes mental stimulation, keeping your dog healthy and entertained.

Dealing with Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is a common issue in Basset Hounds and can often result in excessive barking. If your Basset Hound’s barking problem appears to be anxiety-related, there are strategies and treatments available to help manage this condition.

When to Seek Professional Help

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you might find it difficult to stop your Basset Hound from barking excessively. In such cases, don’t be disheartened. It might be time to seek help from a professional dog trainer or a behaviorist.

Professional Dog Training: A Valid Option

Professional dog trainers have the expertise and experience to deal with a variety of behavioral issues, including excessive barking. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, this could be a worthwhile option.

Behavioral Therapists for Dogs: A Deeper Insight

Behavioral therapists for dogs can provide a deeper insight into the root cause of your Basset Hound’s excessive barking. They can provide tailored solutions and strategies to help manage the problem effectively.


Why is my Basset Hound barking excessively?

Excessive barking in Basset Hounds can be due to a variety of reasons including boredom, attention-seeking, fear, or reaction to specific stimuli.

How can I stop my Basset Hound from barking at night?

Ensure your Basset Hound has a comfortable and quiet place to sleep. Also, establish a consistent bedtime routine and make sure they get plenty of exercise during the day to promote a good night’s sleep.

MIHIKK Orthopedic Dog Bed Deluxe Plush L-Shaped Dog Couch Bed

The MIHIKK Orthopedic Dog Bed Deluxe Plush L-Shaped Dog Couch Bed offers unmatched support, particularly beneficial for Basset Hounds, a breed prone to orthopedic issues. With a 2-side bolster and a 3″ 28D mattress-like foam, the bed provides optimal elasticity and recovery ability. It evenly distributes your Basset Hound’s weight, offering maximum comfort and support, highly suitable for both puppies and older dogs.

Ensuring your Basset Hound gets a good rest in this comfortable bed can potentially reduce its barking tendencies. Basset Hounds, like all dogs, may bark excessively due to discomfort or restlessness. By providing a comfortable and supportive space for them to relax and sleep, you can address these issues, making your pet happier and more peaceful.

Does positive reinforcement work for stopping a Basset Hound’s barking?

Yes, positive reinforcement is an effective method for teaching a Basset Hound to stop barking. This can include treats, praises, or petting when they’re quiet.

What should I do if my Basset Hound won’t stop barking despite my best efforts?

If your Basset Hound continues to bark excessively despite your efforts, it might be time to consult with a professional dog trainer or a behavioral therapist.

Are there specific training techniques that work best for a Basset Hound’s barking?

Different techniques work for different dogs. However, the ‘quiet’ command, distraction tactics, and positive reinforcement tend to work well for Basset Hounds.

Could my Basset Hound’s excessive barking be due to an underlying health issue?

While it’s less common, excessive barking can sometimes indicate a health issue. If your Basset Hound’s barking is accompanied by other unusual symptoms, it’s best to consult with a vet.


Learning how to stop a Basset Hound from barking is an exercise in patience, understanding, and communication. But with consistent efforts, understanding their unique personality traits, and employing effective training techniques, you can turn your boisterous Basset into a well-behaved companion. After all, the bond we share with our four-legged friends is worth every bit of the journey!

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