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A well-fitting collar and lead is essential to ensure that your basset hound looks forward to the prospect of a walk and enjoys being on the lead. At first, it may seem a simple task to select a lead and basset hound collar but when you see the range of products on display at a pet store you may be overwhelmed. These tips should help you with choosing a collar and lead that fits your basset hound correctly.

Please note that you’ll need a basset hound harness specifically for walking, for safety reasons. It’s perfectly alright to let your basset wear a well-fitting collar around the house.

Basset Hound Collar Size

basset hound collar

Be sure to choose an appropriate collar for your basset hound’s environment – Moisture can rust metal buckles over time!

The single most important (and maybe most obvious) thing to consider is the proper size. To do this, slip two fingers between your basset’s neck and the collar. There should be not too much, but not too little space – aim for a loosely snug fit like this. It must work well in combination with a harness too. If too tight, your dog will be uncomfortable and could lead to other issues if rubbing into the loose skin.

The average adult basset hound will fit a 20 inch or 50cm collar, though to be on the safe side, it is highly recommended that you measure your basset hound’s collar size to ensure you get the correct collar size.

To figure out your basset hound’s collar size, take a tape measure and place it loosely around his/her neck, leaving snug room for two fingers between your dog’s neck and the tape measure. Aim for a comfortable and consistent gap around your basset’s neck, where the collar would comfortably fit.

Types of collar

There are a range of different basset hound collars available on the market and each is fit for a different purpose, also considering factors such as the basset’s size and environment.

Buckle collars

Buckle collars are the most popular choice for most dog breeds and should most definitely be worn by puppies to avoid injury or choking hazards caused by other types of collar. Buckle collars come with wither plastic or metal snap buckles. You may wish to consider plastic buckles for a dog who often is around water, to eliminate the problem of the metal rusting over time.

Martingale collars

Martingale collars, also known as loop on loop or safety collars are primarily designed for breeds with necks that are larger than their heads. They prevent the dog from pulling back out of the collar and escaping. You may wish to consider one for your basset hound if you have concerns with your basset slipping out of the collar, especially if they are of a more slender build.

Basset hound

Collar Materials

Collars come in many different colors, styles and materials with a range of different options. Here’s a quick overview.


Nylon collars have several advantages, such as being washable and durable. They are available in many different colors, including printed styles. Nylon collars are made from material that is either rope-like or flat.


Leather collars have the advantage of wearing well and will become soft from the natural oils from your dog’s coat. These collars come in flat or rolled leather varieties. Rolled leather collars will not make an indentation on your dog’s coat as quickly as nylon does.

Harness or Collar?

When walking, opt for a harness for your basset hound. This is because the basset’s neck has quite a bit of loose skin. A harness alleviates any chance of rubbing or irritation completely so you should look into getting a harness for walking purposes. The full body support alleviates the pressure around your the basset’s body.

Check out our basset hound harness guide here!

An important decision for your basset!

Cute Basset Hound

Hopefully these pointers will help you make an educated decision when seeking a collar for your basset hound.

Remember to consider the size of your hound as well as the intended application of the collar. Investing in a quality, well-fitting and safe basset hound collar will ensure that your hound is comfortable at all times.

With a little knowledge of how to pick out the correct collar for your basset hound, you are assuring that your dog will be happy both while exercising and while chilling out at home.

Our basset hound collar recommendations

Here’s our top picks for basset hound collars! Of course there are a huge load of collars available online, but here are a few that we really liked and they are proven 100% basset compatible.

Be sure to follow the sizing tips and double check that your hound is comfortable on a regular basis. Here’s a few ideas to get you started.

Black Rhino – The Comfort Collar

If comfort is a prime concern for your basset, you may be interested in the Black Rhino collar.

It looks amazing in hot pink, but there’s plenty of other colors available if this isn’t the right type for your hound!

These are heavyweight and include reflective stitching. Definitely a choice for a long-lasting and durable collar.

We recommend this to the hound looking for both style and comfort, and this product offers both.

Blueberry Pet 3M Reflective Adjustable Classic Solid Color Dog Collar

The Blueberry collar is a solidly made collar available in a wide variety of styles. It’s reflective too, so it’s great for night walks.

This is one of the highest rated collars on Amazon at the time of writing and there’s definitely a lot of positive word on this one.

Combine it with the perfect reflective harness and you’ve got a solid combo for heading out at night.

The only thing to keep an eye on is the width, it’s not the thickest at 1 inch, though it’d suit most bassets.

Personalized Dog Collars, Custom Embroidered with Pet Name & Number

When you get a pet, it’s always advisable to get some kind of identification on display.

We thought this was an excellent option because ID tags are not always easily visible.

This collar is available custom to order and in a variety of colors to suit your basset. Definitely worth a look, if you want to keep your basset secured!

Of course, you could just get whatever you like embroidered on it, which could be entertaining.

In terms of features, this is a standard issue collar and should have plenty of capacity for a basset in terms of sturdiness, unless your hound is of exceptional strength.

Thanksgiving Dog Collar, Caninedesign

Here’s the seasonal option! Adorned with turkeys and beautiful seasonal colors, this is the perfect collar for the fall season.

It’s 1 inch wide with a side release buckle and has a sturdy loop. It’s a bright design that will hold up for a long time, as it’s machine washable.

This is a well-made collar that is double stitched. Be sure to follow the sizing guide upon ordering.

American Flag Dog Collar

The patriot’s choice! It’s a budget option, but includes all the basic features required from a collar, along with a stars and stripes design.

In terms of the actual collar, the buckle is especially sturdy and the bright colors will hold up well.

There’s a couple of variations available too, which is a nice touch, check out the other design on offer, for an edgier, but still wildly American look!

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