A basset hound toy that your dog will adore!

Basset hounds can be some of the most playful and energetic breeds of dog around, despite what non-basset people may glean from their short legs and droopy appearance! Many owners may find bassets can be quite a handful at times due to their constant affection toward those they hold dear! This is why your basset hound needs a basset hound toy or two! Here are a few tried and tested toys for basset hounds.

basset hound toy

credit: Don Debold

Our picks for the best basset hound toy

Skinneeez Fox Unstuffed Plush ToyFox basset hound toy

These plush animals are great, they don’t have stuffing and are made of a durable material that will last for a long while. My basset hound Bronnie has had one of these kicking around for what seems like years, and she’ll still pick it up and bring it over to me for a tug-o-war when she feels like it.

The Skinneeez comes in many different varieties (take a look at the related items!), is very durable, low-priced and your basset hound will love having an unstuffed companion around!

Seriously these things last for a decent time, they’re inexpensive and your basset hound will approve of this basset hound toy.


Classic KONG basset hound toyClassic KONG (in red)

The KONG may look simple but it’s so useful,  every dog owner should have one around! It’s a staple basset hound toy.

KONG can be used for fetch! When it hits the ground, the KONG bounces off in a random direction. Beneficial for your hound both cognitively and physically. KONG is a also chew toy. Chewing is essential in dogs for building up jaw strength and cleaning teeth.

Last but not least, the KONG can be filled with treats! Basset hounds can get anxious when left alone. Upon leaving, fill the KONG with treats and leave it for your hound to get them out, distracting your dog from any stress on a daily basis. A relief for all parties involved!

Pheasantbasset hound toy

Basset hounds were originally bred to be highly efficient hunting dogs. Hunters would send their basset hounds to drive out the pheasants and they will love this durable pheasant toy! This basset hound toy from Multipet has a “quacking” sound to provide some extra realism.

There are also versions with stuffing if your basset isn’t prone to pulling things apart! These pheasants will make a great companion for your basset hound at bed time too! You’ll probably find your basset snuggled up to theirs if they take to having a little bird around!