Choosing Basset Hound Names

Choosing basset hound names isn’t always straightforward!

This is because the basset hound is one of the most expressive breed of dogs. You can find the universe in their big eyes and their dinner in their ears. Basset hounds are majestic beasts! No two hounds are the same and each demonstrate many different unique personality traits.

Their broad spectrum of moods and temperaments may mean coming up with the perfect name takes some thought.

The basset hound was originally bred as a hunting dog in France, the low-set legs and the keen sense of smell made them into slow paced but reliable hunting dogs.

These days, bassets make excellent pets and companions to have around the household. Because of their droopy looks and sad eyes, many people assume that basset hounds are relatively inactive and lazy – this couldn’t be further from the case most of the time!

Here are some insights into how to come up with a name for your basset hound!

Ideas for basset hound names

You can draw inspiration for basset hound names from many aspects. Do they have any distinguishing features? Any interesting personality traits? Do they make any unusual noises (or smells!)?

Our gorgeous basset was born in Wales, so we just had to pick a name from the region and we went with “Bronwyn” or Bronnie for short. If your hound comes from an interesting geographical background, maybe you’d want to do the same?

Bassets express their personalities pretty early on, so it can be very easy to come up with something that sticks and is synonymous with your hound!

All of these interesting basset features can help you decide what sets your hound apart from the pack and you can come up with a cute name accordingly that suits your long-eared partner perfectly.

Famous basset hound names

There are quite a few famous basset hounds in the vaults of history which can prove useful for ideas if you’re drawing a blank!

For instance, Marilyn Monroe had a lucky hound called Hugo, Rosco P. Coltrane had his trusty sidekick basset named Flash and Burt Reynolds had his Bertha as a pet.

Clint Eastwood’s basset companion was called Sidney, or “Sidney the Kidney” has he had a kidney condition and had to be kept on a low protein diet to keep it in check.

Elvis Presley sang “Hound Dog” to a basset hound named Sherlock on “The Steve Allen” show one time too!

Our favorite basset hound names

We’ve posted hundreds of basset hounds and seen a wide variety of names with interesting tales to tell behind them. Some of our favorites include:

Bailey, Olive, Sadie, Racer, Boomer, Scout, Nugget, Annie, Banksy, Ralph, Mildred, Archie, Freddy, Dollie, Winston, Lily, Droopy, Daisy, Ellie, Sidney, Hank, Bo, Duke, Sasha, Chloe, Chuck, Fred, Bacon, Waffles, Charlie, Gracie, Cletus, Bob, Duke, Hugo, Norman, Jamaica and Monty to name a few!

A lot of these hounds have interesting stories behind their names , such as their favourite foods, celebrity namesakes, sleeping habits, distinct markings on their coats or even the color of their eyes.

Have a look through our basset hound pictures and see if there’s any that you like the sound of!

Your basset hound is going to be your new best friend, so take a while to put some thought into your hound’s name! There’s a whole lot of ideas to choose from, especially when you have a hound with such a broad range of emotions and expressions.

Leave a comment with your basset hound names and tell us the story of how you came up with it!