Do basset hounds shed?

do basset hounds shed
Basset Hound and Cat

One of the main questions when considering a basset hound is the prospect of hairs getting everywhere! There’s nothing worse than finding fur all over the place. So do basset hounds shed?

Unfortunately, like almost other breeds of dog, yes they do! This very much comes down to a number of different factors, such as age, temperature and health. Luckily there’s a few things that you can do to try and reduce the amount of basset DNA strewn around your household.

The basset hound is an easily recognisable breed, known for it’s distinctive ears, low-set body and droopy looks. There’s a lot to be discovered about this majestic breed of dogs. They’re highly energetic and vocal (new owners don’t always expect this!) and have a naturally oily coat that does require some care.

Here’s some advice regarding what to do when basset hounds shed. There are a few things you can do to both treat the home environment and your basset hound to reduce shedding to a reasonable amount.

Preparing your home for a basset hound

To be perfectly honest with you, basset hounds are going to shed to some degree no matter how hard you try! it’s often a seasonal thing. Dogs will shed in the spring and summer naturally to reduce heat.

When possible, let your dog roam outside, especially during periods of hot weather. If your hound has to be indoors, be sure to run air conditioning if available.

There will be some level of cleaning involved if you have a basset companion around the house. If you have hard floors, this can make life a lot easier as hairs and bacteria will get caught up carpets quite easily.

If you have carpets, keep them regularly vacuumed – maybe more regular with your furry friend in the house – and you should be absolutely fine!

Couch rules

We have a rule that our basset is not allowed on chairs or the sofa. Most bassets still think they are lap dogs even when they’re fully grown and will have no qualms about jumping on board if allowed! 

It used to be quite cute when she was a puppy and could curl up on our laps, but less so now she’s a big hairy beast!

Bassets can be trained quite easily, so you should be able to stop them climbing on the couch with some careful training. We have however, known ours to climb up of her own accord, so a dedicated cover may be an option here. If your basset hound does shed fu, at least most of it won’t end up where you’re sitting, hopefully.

Clearing up hairs

We find that an invaluable tool to have around is the sticky roller! These are great for collecting up excess hair for those occasions when your dog sits on your ironing, or hair ends up in hard to reach places.

Lastly, provide your basset hound with it’s own suitable bedding area and appoint a consistent location to sleep in. Get your basset into a routine and you should be able to keep bed-time shedding in check.

Regular brushing

If basset hound shedding is quite an issue, you should consider a gentle brush. Brushing dislodges any loose or excess basset hairs and reduces the amount that ends up on your flooring.

We suggest using a gentle brush for an enjoyable experience. Brushing can be quite pleasurable for your hound and it’s satisfying to be able to clear up a lot of the hairs that otherwise would end up strewn about the house.

Aim to brush your basset around once a week whenever possible. Try not to go overboard with it, the coat is a protective feature of the hound’s anatomy and you don’t want to cause any problems down the line.

As long as you stick to a brush that is gentle and doesn’t cause any scratching or irritation, you should be perfectly fine. We’ll recommend a good one later in the article.


Temperature and season plays a massive factor as to how much your basset hound sheds. During the winter, your dog will develop a thick coat to deal with drops in temperature. When it comes back around to warmer weather, a lot of this coat gets dropped.

Whenever possible, try to keep the temperature of your basset’s environment to a normalised level. Plenty of fresh air and the ability to head outside and exercise will be greatly appreciated by your basset.

Excessive shedding

There also can be other health related reasons if you find your basset hounds shed excessively. If you’re finding that hairs are coming out in big clumps or it seems uncontrollable, seek out advice from your vets.

Excessive basset hounds shed can be down to factors such as stress or other underlying health issues. Make sure your basset gets regular walks, has a quiet environment for most of the time. Plenty of space to move around in is imperative.

If you believe stress is a factor, make sure your basset is not left alone too often. They can get anxious very easily when their owner goes away for extended periods of time. Keep things consistent and regular such as meal times and bed times. This should leave your basset a lot more relaxed.

Hair loss can also be down to fleas. Choose a good flea treatment if you believe this to be the case. Seek further advice if it seems to be a serious issue.

Other factors that result in shedding may be less visible. This could be down to diet problems, fungal infections or organ problems. Again, if you suspect anything untoward, it’s better to be safe. Get your basset to a vet as soon as possible and get a second opinion.

Basset hound coat care

Basset Hound

The coat of the basset hound is naturally oily and serves to let rain run off of it when out and about. Bassets will need to be bathed on occasion, but not so much as to interfere with the oiliness of their coat. It’s best to get to know their coat over time and adjust accordingly. If your basset doesn’t need a bath, there’s not really much reason to go for one.

Bathing helps dislodge a lot of excess hair and will reduce the amount that gets strewn around the household. It’ll also help keep your hound smelling fresh!

Final notes

So yes, basset hounds shed, but there are ways that you can keep it under control! If you’re going to be a basset mom or dad, be prepared to have a lot of fur to be around the house.

It’s just part of the initiation. It’s not noticeable if you keep on top of it and follow these tips!

Recommended Products

Here are a few products that we recommend to keep around. These should help to assist with controlling the amount of basset hair in your house. A good brush and a good bath go a long way!

King Komb – Revolutionary 3 Blade Brush with Rubber Bristles for Shedding Dogs & Cats

We highly recommend that you have a decent de-shedding brush in your arsenal of basset care products.

We love the King Komb because it is functional for different types of fur and is perfect for basset hound applications.

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Healthy Breeds Smelly Dog Deodorizing Shampoo & Conditioner

For a decent shampoo for your Basset, try a specialised type such as this one. It contains baking soda and is formulated with a conditioner which is designed for the basset hound coat.

We use products such as this to bathe our basset as they serve to preserve the coat and isn’t too abrasive.

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MidWest Homes for Pets Couture Orthopedic Cradle Pet Bed for Dogs & Cats

And finally, we recommend a decent sized bed for your basset hound to reside in.

Something around this size would be perfect, it’s just important that your basset gets their own space.

If your basset knows where their bed is, you’re sure to get a reduction of couch jumping!

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