basset hound picture
Basset name: Humphrey

Humphrey is a 7 year old Basset Hound from the leafy suburbs of Hampshire in the UK. Humphrey loves long 3 mile walks everyday, to finish our cups of tea and spending time with us, his human family; he actually thinks he is a human himself (probably because he is treated like one, rightly so!) Humphrey was diagnosed with Addison’s Disease a few years ago and we nearly lost him. We never gave up on him and the Vet tried so many different procedures and medications to help him, and finally he found one. He takes his numerous tablets everyday happily, as he knows they help him – Humphrey is a survivor !! Humphrey’s best friends are rescue chickens who live with us, who he likes to run around with in the garden. Humphrey loves cuddles and is the kindest dog on the planet. Humans should be more like Humphrey 🙂 Humphrey has an Instagram page – @humphreybassethound

Thanks owner Emily!

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